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Since 1995, The Pizza Shoppe Collective has been a part of the historic entertainment district of Benson in Omaha, Nebraska. We'd love to feed you! We have daily lunch specials, creative performances, fundraising support, and a private party room.

There's plenty of parking in back, so come on in.
We'll serve you taste, one bite at a time.

Food Specials
Pizza Of The Month:
Chicken, Artichoke Hearts, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Cheddar Cheese, and Mozarella Cheese

$3 off King Size Pizza Pie
$2 off Queen Size Pizza Pie

Drink Specials

Rex Goliath House Wine - $3.50 Glass

Margaritas - $4.00
Bud Light Draws - $2.50
Bud Light Pitcher - $6.75

Lucky Bucket Draft - $3.00
Lucky Bucket Pitcher - $8.50

New Belgium - $4.00
New Belgium Pitcher - $8.50

PBR Draws - $1.00
PBR Pitchers - $5.75

Benson's First Fridays
Jameson Shots - $3.00

Blue Moon Draw - $4.00
Blue Moon Pitcher - $8.50

APRIL Josh Audiss
Pizza Shoppe Collective

Josh Audiss is a visual artist rooted in Omaha, Nebraska. His drawings and paintings are largely inspired by the myriad of manifestations in the natural world. He also derives influence from Art Nouveau, Late 1800's/Early 1900's Storybook Illustration, Traditional Religious art of the East and West, Nature Illustration, and Medieval Alchemical and Mystical Motifs.

Though creating primarily for the simple sake of beauty and enjoyment, Josh at times wields his skill to convey depths of meaning through visual allegorical story telling. His biomorphic stylings lovingly honor the overall grace of the organic realm while paying homage to the ornamental relics of a a bygone era.

Besides regularly chipping away at personal and commissioned projects, Josh is heavily involved designing apparel for an artist driven company, "Curbside Clothing." When not secluded in the studio, Josh hits the road to exhibit his art before energetic crowds at U.S. Music and Art Festivals.

Click here to visit Josh Audiss' Website

MAY Tearee Claire Caswell
Pizza Shoppe Collective

Tearee Claire Caswell is a multi­generational artist that works in Fiber Art, Mixed Media, and Illustration. She was surrounded by creativity her entire life and has been creating art, crafts, and clothing as long as she can remember. Her love of fabric and sewing started very early, as she recalls sewing alongside her Grandma by age 8.

Tearee's talents continued to be nurtured by amazing teachers in high school, and her creative education continued as she studied art, fashion and art history in College. For the last several years Tearee has worked at her home studio as well as in her former studio at Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska and has produced and co-­curated several themed, group art shows in the area.

Tearee works from a very intuitive and spiritual place, with varying themes and inspiration. What stays true in all her work is a sense of romance and soul mixed with the ever present playfulness in her spirit. Contact Peace, Love and Art by Tearee at teareeclaire@gmail.com

  • Discount Rates for non-profit private events, please inquire
  • We offer The Collective room for luncheons, private events, meetings, entertainment, and fundraisers
  • Rental rate is $80 for the first 2 hours and $40 for each additional hour
  • We offer buffet or full-dining service
  • The Collective is available free of charge for luncheons of 15 people or more. Monday-Friday, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Contact bookingpsc@gmail.com or call 402.884.8680 during business hours

Click Here to send your Booking request.

We would love to host your fundraiser!
  • The Pizza Shoppe Collective donates 10% to your nonprofit organization
  • No rental fee for fundraisers open to the public
  • We offer buffet or full-dining service
  • We can accommodate up to 65 guests
  • Contact bookingpsc@gmail.com or call 402.884.8680 during business hours

Click Here to send your Booking request.

We host local and national artistic performances
  • 100% of door charge goes to the performers
  • Sound technicians available
  • Assembly
  • Seating for Dining: 65-75
  • Standing Room Only: 100

If you are an artist interested in booking our venue for your performance or display please contact 402.884.8680

Pizza Shoppe Collective
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Please note: sound tech fees may apply; $25 for 1/2 tech, $50 for full tech events
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Please note: 100% of this door charge goes to the artists. Artists are responsible for collecting and handling the money at the door during the performance
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  11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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We'll serve you taste, one bite at a time!

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